Matha Gitananda Ashram



The festivity of Navaratri is celebrated in honor of the nine incarnations of Durga, the feminine aspect of the Divine. It is celebrated twice a year, in the month of chaitra (April-May) and asvayuja (September-October), in the two important periods of change in nature: the beginning of the summer and of the winter. The festivity of the Durga puja run throughout India and, despite the variations of style, it is essentially aimed at the worship of the Shakti and the Devi in her various powers. Navaratri starts in the bright summer of asvayuja, in commemoration of the victory of Durga on the demon Mahisa. The image of the Devi is worshipped for nine days and, on the tenth, is it paraded through the villages’ and cities’ streets. Durga is the consort of Siva with whom she lives on Mount Kailash. In these nine days, she descends on earth to give herself to humanity, while on the tenth, she travels back to her divine abode.

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