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Matha Gitananda Ashram


The Gitananda Matha Ashram was founded in 1984 by Yogasri Swami Yogananda Giri, who is also the spiritual leader (mahant). The Ashram's name is dedicated to the Master of Swami Yogananda, Gitananda Giri. In this place lives a monastic community based on ethical and religious foundations of Hinduism: Sanatana-dharma.

The community is open to everyone, to anyone who has the desire to find himself, to know and live according to the teachings of the Hindu tradition, or even those who want to spend a period of time away from your usual routine. An Ashram is always a place of residence of a Yogi, a siddha or an essay; there is no distinction between the Master who resides in the Ashram and the Ashram itself. Students and disciples live, even for brief moments, next to a Master, to live a yogic life, purify themselves physically, mentally, to discipline themselves and develop awareness. This takes place in a place designed specifically with the intention of creating the ideal conditions, favorable to the progress of those who aspire to realize his true nature.

The Hindu monastery Matha Gitananda Ashrama is located in Località Pellegrino in the Municipality of Altare; It stands on a hill 520m high, in the inland of Savona (Italy).

Meditation, mental acuity, peace of mind, respect for every person, animal or thing, and service are the essence of the right way to behave in an ashram (ashram-dharma).

In an ashram or in a matha the aim is to try and realize one's Divine nature: every action, thought and word are and must be aimed at the spiritual practice, sadhana, and ideal principles that sustain it.

Neglecting the monastery means to neglect oneself and the tradition; to usa a bad language is like insulting it; leaving it in disorder means to forget it.


The Ashram welcomes everyone, including those who want to carve out some time to devote to themselves, surrounded by nature and the silence of the contemplative life. Some come because they want to deepen the practice, sadhana, of the science of Yoga. Some are asking themselves existential questions and look at the monastic choice as a possible answers for their life. Then there are the devotees of the ashram who especially seek the temple- built according to the architectural canons of South India - and therefore wish to attend the ritual functions, Puja, the chanting of Scriptures, prarthana, or to participate in the many religious festivities that are celebrated there.

The Ashram is also a magnet for lovers of art and culture of India. Among the activities of the Monastery there are indeed several meetings of interreligious dialogue, lecture on various topics; They organize events dedicated to dance and devotional music. In the monastery you can find publications on the philosophy and the Hindu science. Some monks are dedicated to the care of publishing texts of the publishing house Laksmi editions .


“If you are entering here, be aware:
leave all stupid fears behind.
In this sacred place
you will meet your own Self, face to face.”


dal 14 al 20 agosto
Seminario di Yoga

14-20 agosto
Seminario di danza indiana

29 agosto
Evento di qualche tipo

1 settembre
Evento di dialogo interreligioso

dal 14 al 20 agosto
Seminario di Yoga

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To visit the Ashram, you are kindly required to call at least a day or two before.
Always ask for a confirmation by phone when the dates are approaching.