Matha Gitananda Ashram


1Is it possible to visit the ashram?
In order to arrange a visit, you are kindly requested to call us. Tel. 019584692 - Time to call: from 9,00 to 12,00 - from 16,00 to 19,00
2What is the everyday life of an ashram inmate?
The day is spent following an alternation of prayer and work, similarly to the Catholic Western monasticism.
3Does the monastic community follow celibacy?
Yes. In this aspect, traditional Hindu monasticism, especially in the context of Matha Gitananda Ashram, is similar to Western monasticism.
4Is it possible to take pictures or make videos inside the ashram?
No, it is not allowed to take pictures or make videos, because it is a sacred place and a monastic environment. Therefore, an attitude of discretion and introspection is required.
5How long do yoga courses last? (i.e. 3 years, 5 years...)
Our Yoga courses do not have an end. According to the Indian tradition, we believe that the process of learning -especially of disciplines like yoga- is neverending. Instead, it is a constant journey that accompanies us throughout life.