Matha Gitananda Ashram


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In order to arrange a visit, you are kindly requested to call us (tel. 019584692).


Call +39 019 584692 for info.


= Yoga seminars

= Indian dance or artistic event
= Ayurveda seminar or ecology event
= Interfaith dialogue events
= Presentations of books
= Course on Hinduism by Italian Hindu Union
  recognized by the Ministry of Education

To visit the Ashram, you are kindly required to call at least a day or two before.
Always ask for a confirmation by phone when the dates are approaching.

Indications and suggestions

The Ashram is a monastery, so all guests are encouraged to maintain an attitude of respect towards things, people, animals and plants for all the time of the visit.
It is not allowed to take pictures or make videos. We recommend a traditional Indian attire, or anything that is suitable for a monastic environment (eg. avoid too skimpy outfits).

Telephone: 019 584692
Time to call:
from 9,00 to 12,00 - from 16,00 to 19,00

Call +39 019 584692 for info.

A Day in the Ashram during a seminar

Life in Ashram is inspired to the Sanatana Dharma principles and to the deepest Hindu tradition.

Those who desire to study the Self and rediscover their own spirituality are always welcome, and can find here the ideal conditions: peace, silence, contact with nature, experience of communal life and, above all, the contact with an ancient yoga tradition, a developmental system: Siddha Siddhanta Yoga.

Morning Practice - Brahma Murta - Hatha Yoga
The peace and the lovely sounds of nature accompany the awakening of the Ashram and the start of a yoga day: meditation and hatha yoga practice.

Karma yoga
After breakfast, it is possible to enter deeply in the spirit of the ashram with karma yoga, an experience of selfless service, of impersonal work for everybody’s benefit, useful to observe when educating oneself.

Lessons and Seminars on Various Subjects
In the late morning there is another yoga class: a theoretical and practical study following the siddha siddhanta yoga tradition.

Rituals in the Temple – Puja
A moment of silence and meditation can be found in the temple during the performance of the puja that, on Sunday, is accompanied by devotional songs. Ganesha Puja, Siva Puja, Sri Vidya Puja (Rahasya Yoga). Chanting of Vedic hymns. Navavarana Puja, Sri Sukta, Guru Sukta, Durga Sukta, Visnu Sasranama, Siva Sasranama. Lalita Sahastranama, Trisati Asvattara, Hridaya Asvakam.

Afternoon Break
After lunch it is possible to start karma yoga again or to read, to walk along the paths of the woods in which the Ashram is immersed.

Devotional Songs, Jnana Yoga Vichara
We then meet together for the practice of the bhajan, devotional songs that nourish the mind with deep spiritual vibrations. We continue with theoretical and practical classes on Indian culture, the study of the scriptures, contemplation and meditation.

Sat Samgha
Sat Samgha: “Dialogue with the Teacher in Truth” is the heart of the spiritual tradition, during which it is possible to discuss and ask questions on every aspect of spiritual life.

Certain Evenings: Devotional songs or screening of movies on Indian epics and the life of saints and mystics.

Life Style
The day in ashram is intense but it follows mild and balanced rhythms: collective moments and other moments dedicated to ourselves, to the internalization and meditation. It is a simple life, in harmony with nature, immersed in quiet and silence. Diet is vegetarian.


The ashram life for residents (only monks and novices) follows an alternation of prayer and work.